Yang Yang




Keilor, VIC

Completion Date

The owner has been required by the Keilor Shopping Centre to refurbish their massage shop after the first 5 years of running, so our design brief was literally to meet both client and Shopping centre’s requirement. The use of natural material plywood was a response to the shopping centre‘s truth to material’s brief and created a rich, layered and textural interior environment.Plywood is also relatively inexpensive, so we ensure the cost could meet client expectations on a budget. As a finished surface, plywood is higher aesthetic, easy to work with and install. The finely slatted plywood screen acts as an adpatable privacy skin for the massage room behind but also hold the menu display, creates a calming atmosphere to the shop facade. The contrast of the cement sheet and the warm soft timber tone bring balance to the shopfront. Dimmer switches are put on all of the lights so they can control the atmosphere.

March 2016